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Thank you for visiting our store. We carry all items to cover your baby from top to bottom.


**please note that our sculptures do come with small embellishment and adults should use supervision with small children and these pieces**

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Apple clips-kozzy bottoms, apple clip, hair bow, clip, alligator clip, barrette, ribbon sculpture, apple ribbon sculpture, apple sculpture,
Apple clips
Bee clip-bee clip, ribbon sculpture, bee sculpture, insect hair clip, kozzy bottoms bee, clips, hair bow, bee hair bow, bee ribbon hair clip, ribbon bee sculpture
Bee clip
Bunny Rabbit-bunny clip, bunny ribbon clip, bunny hair clip, bunny bow, rabbit hair clip, ribbon hair clip, bunny ribbon hair clip,
Bunny Rabbit
Calla Lily clip-calla lily ribbon clip, calla lily hair clip, calla lily hair bow, calla lily ribbon hair bow
Calla Lily clip
Candy Corn-candy corn, candy corn hair clip, candy corn ribbon, candy corn ribbon hair clip
Candy Corn
Castle clip-castle, castle clip, princess castle clip, castle ribbon clip, castle ribbon hair clip
Castle clip
Chick-chick,chick clip, ribbon clip, ribbon chick, chicken clip, baby chick
Christmas Tree clip-tree clip, tree ahir clip, christmas tree hair clip, tree ribbon clip, tree ribbon hair clip, christmas tree ribbon hair clip
Christmas Tree clip
Dog clip-dog hair clip, dog bow, dog ribbon clip, dog ribbon hair bow, dog ribbon hair clip
Dog clip
Fish clip-fish hair clip, fish ribbon sculpture, fish sculpture clip, fish ribbon sculpture clip,
Fish clip
Gift clip-gift, gift clip, gift ribbon clip, gift ribbon hair clip,
Gift clip
Heart Sculpture-heart clip, ribbon sculpture, ribbon heart sculpture, ribbon heat clip,
Heart Sculpture
Holiday Ribbon Sculpture-
Holiday Ribbon Sculpture
Horse clip-Cloth Diapers, Diaper, Cloth, Green, Eco Friendly, Kozzy,Bottoms, Kozzy Bottoms, Rump-A-Rooz, Happy Heiny, Whamies, Baby Legs, Hair, Hair Accessories, Fluff, CD, attachment Parenting, Crunchy Parent,hair, hair bows, boutique, hair ties, hair bow,Everything for you little ones from Cloth Diapers to more, cloth diapering
Horse clip
Ladybug clip-ladybug clip,ladybug ribbon clip, ladybug ribbon sculpture, ladybug ribbon sculpture clip
Ladybug clip
Mini  Orange Witch Hat Fascinator-
Mini Orange Witch Hat Fascinator
Mr. Grinch-grinch clip, grinch hair clip, grinch christmas hair clip, christmas hair clip, grinch ribbon clip
Mr. Grinch
Pumpkin clip-pumpkins, pumpkin hair clip, pumpkins ribbon clip, pumpkin ribbon sculpture clip, pumpkins ribbon clips,halloween pumpkins, halloween pumpkins clips
Pumpkin clip
Reindeer clip-reindeer,christmas clip,hair bow, hair bows, reindeer bows, ribbon sculpture, kozzy bottoms,
Reindeer clip
Sculpted Snowflake clip-
Sculpted Snowflake clip
Snowflake clip-snowflake,christmas clip,hair bow, hair bows, snowflake bows, ribbon sculpture, kozzy bottoms,
Snowflake clip
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